Some of the things that may come to mind when thinking of a restful evening and night’s sleep are a soft bed, a cool room, a plush comforter and a mug of chamomile tea. But do you put much thought in to what you wear to bed? Your pajamas play an important role in how comfortable you feel; whether you feel too hot or cold, if the fabric is comfortable, etc.. Here are some things to consider the next time you shop for pajamas.

Opt for Loose, Flowing Fabrics

When it comes to comfortable sleepwear, we recommend that you reach for fabrics that are airy and loose. After all, you don’t want your pajamas to feel tight or constricting. Choose fabrics that feel comfortable to your touch.

We tend to stick to fabrics that are natural, devoid of synthetic fibers, and that are sustainable and eco-friendly.  100% organic cotton is always best.  It’s natural, breathable and much more attainable these days.  Many large retailers now carry multiple brands of organic fashion, and even use organic cotton in the construction of some in-house brands.  Tencel fabric is a wood-pulp fabric that is made from trees that are responsibly farmed on land where the trees are immediately replaced.  Tencel, when blended with cotton (grown free of insecticides and pesticides), can give the feel of silk.

Stay Warm With Your Pajamas but Keep Your Room Cool

It’s smart to warm up with pajamas and to keep your room at a cool—but not too cold—temperature. A cool room temp allows even warmer sleepers the ability to cozy up in bed under comforting bedding, without over-heating.


Be careful of synthetic fabrics such as polyester that tote this feature, and opt instead for more natural ones such as wool. Wool is naturally moisture-wicking as it is able to “wick” sweat through the fabric while staying dry.  It also does an excellent job of regulating body temperate as you sleep.  These are some of the reasons we use wool as the natural flame barrier in our mattresses.

Consider Wearing a Sleep Mask

If you’re the type who is sensitive to light, then you may want to wear a sleep mask. This lightweight piece of fabric held to your face with elastic can make it feel as though you’re sleeping in pitch blackness even with things such as a hallway light coming underneath your bedroom door. One study shows that the use of a sleep mask and earplugs result in more REM time and can assist in maintaining proper hormone balance.

Don’t Forget Your Feet!

Lastly, it’s important that you keep sleep footwear in mind, especially during cold months. You may even find that it’s easier to fall asleep after you’ve put on a fuzzy pair of socks before bed and there’s science behind that. When you heat cold feet, this is referred to as vasodilation. This means that your blood vessels are being dilated, telling the brain that, hey, time to go to bed.

Having a healthy sleep keeps you running during the day. Wearing the right pajamas may just make your sleep even cozier, and sleeping on the proper healthy mattress can maximize your good sleep.